Redline 3.0 Classic - Cold or Warm


The two new classic offerings fill the same needs as our previous models, but the way they do this is totally new. Our Cold ski is still designed for hardwax conditions and still has longer pressure zones optimised for colder snow while our Warm ski is still designed for klister conditions and still has shorter pressure zones optimised for warmer snow. However, unlike in previous years where camber has been used to alter the "effective stiffness" of our skis, we have now taken an approach of altering the material laminates as well to better express the ski qualities and improve performance. Just as important as changing this approach to ski construction we’ve also changed our approach to camber design to better serve the needs of the racing world. Double poling is a critical aspect of modern skiing, and the Redline 3.0 classic skis reflect this. A successful racing ski will provide near-frictionless glide in double pole, and bomber kick during striding. We’ve sought to achieve this by focusing on the dynamic properties of the ski, looking at the ski response through the whole loading phase rom below half of skier-weight all the way up to over full skier weight.

Price: Cold or Warm £408.00 inc VAT

Redline 3.0 Classic Intelligrip


The IntelliGrip® variant in our Redline series features the same construction as our Classic Warm ski. The extra reinforcing carbon provides a more dynamic ski which is perfect for modern skin skis. A member of our Race Class, this ski has an extra-recessed skin, and this is the only ski that comes standard with a skin that is 100% Mohair. For skiers with good technique, who are looking to go fast, there’s no better skin ski than the Redline 3.0 IntelliGrip®.

Price £420.00 inc VAT

Race Pro Skin


The Race Pro Skin is the perfect combination of grip and glide for technically proficient skiers looking for a racing skin ski. This is a race-class ski featuring a shorter skin than touring and training models. The Madshus Integrated skin is made from 100% mohair, and coupled with a livelier camber, the Race Pro Skin provides better glide and rewards skiers who can deliver an active kick.

Price £372.00 inc VAT

Race Pro Classic


The Race Pro Classic takes its DNA from the materials and camber construction of our race proven Redline series. Due to the Redline inspired design, the Race Pro Classic provides premium performance at a price that won’t break the bank. The ski is designed with a dynamic camber that excels in hardwax conditions, while still providing enough camber height and volume to accommodate klister when the need arises.

Price £360.00 inc VAT

Race Speed Skin


Combining the carbon construction of the Race Speed Skin with a camber optimized for the Madshus Integrated skin, the Race Speed Skin is a fantastic choice for training and racing when you don’t want to apply klister or kick wax. The Madshus Integrated Skin is made from 70% mohair and 30% nylon, and the length and thickness profile has been selected to work in all snow conditions so you can spend less time waxing and more time skiing.

Price £312.00 inc VAT

Race Speed Classic


Race Speed Classic features a geometry which has been inspired by our successful racing department, and a construction which puts an emphasis on providing solid grip without compromising on glide. The universal camber has been designed to work well in a wide range of snow conditions, which makes the Race Speed Classic a great choice as a lightweight, durable ski for everyday training and racing.

Price £300.00 inc VAT

Endurace Skin


The lightweight construction of the Endurace Skin is designed for long weekend tours in the mountains; but is also perfect for blasting around the local tracks after work. The new lightweight core material significantly decreases weight, increases responsiveness, and makes for a more enjoyable on-snow experience! Rock solid grip is provided in all conditions by the skin-specific camber profile and our 70% mohair and 30% nylon integrated skin. Changeable conditions and lack of time are no longer an excuse not to get out and ski with the Madshus Endurace Skin.

Price £228.00 inc VAT

Endurace Classic


Endurace Classic is the ideal choice for fast fitness workouts and long weekend tours. The camber and wax pocket construction create a responsive ski which will keep providing good grip all day long, even as the body begins to fatigue. Designed for groomed trails, this ski features design elements from our top racing models at a more affordable price point.

Price £216.00 inc VAT

Active Pro Skin


Designed for easy handling and solid performance in all conditions, the Madshus Active Skin features a mohair and nylon skin to provide consistent, reliable grip and good glide all without the need for kick wax or klister.

Price £210.00 inc VAT

Active Classic


Active Classic is a lightweight classic ski for touring and training. The sidecut design emphasises stability, making this a great choice for comfortably and confidently exploring new trails.

Price £150.00 inc VAT

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