Redline Skate 3.0 F2 & F3


The difference between the two models is that the F2 is designed with longer pressure zones and a longer groove to improve stability and maximise top end speed, while the F3 is built to have shorter pressure zones and a revolutionary back-only groove. This design truly excels in softer or slower snow where it often feels like you need to switch to offset (V1) technique to maintain momentum. By removing the groove in the front pressure zone it comes easier to turn the ski onto edge in the correct position for efficiently maintaining double skate (V2) further into uphills.

Price: F2 or F3 £408.00 inc VAT

Race Pro Skate


The ultimate example of trickle-down technology. The Race Pro Skate is the rebranded version of our former flagship model, the Redline Carbon Skate. With numerous Olympic and World Cup victories on its resume, this is a seriously high-performance ski with proven performance at the highest level.

Price £360.00 inc VAT

Race Speed Skate


The Race Speed Skate is perfect for conquering both race-day, and everyday skiing. Featuring a universal skate camber to handle any track conditions, race proven geometry and construction, and a World Cup base, you can rest easy knowing the Race Speed Skate won’t let you down.

Price £300.00 inc VAT

Endurace Skate


The Endurace Skate is a training and skate touring ski. A race-inspired geometry and sidecut make the ski stable at speed, providing maximum control. The lightweight and durable construction helps to reduce fatigue and improves your skiing experience.

Price £216.00 inc VAT

Active Pro Skate


The Active Pro Skate has a specifically designed sidecut and radius which provide a more stable glide, perfect for intermediate skiers looking to improve their skiing experience. With more confidence on your skis you can now focus on generating an efficient push and developing a long, stable glide.

Price £198.00 inc VAT

Active Skate


Designed for easy handling and solid all-around performance, the Madshus Active Skate will speed up your learning curve and get you enjoying skiing as fast as possible, while still keeping up with your inevitable skill progression. The improved confidence that beginner and intermediate skiers receive will result in a more efficient and dynamic push, as well as a longer and more comfortable gliding phase.

Price £150.00 inc VAT

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